Adventures of Cap'n Aux Technical talk, prose, and other musings by author and airline captain Eric Auxier

AirlineReporter Focusing mostly on the airline world, this team-produced blog covers a wide range of topics.

NYCAviation Aviation news and planespotting discussion.  I learned a lot here when I first started out and am now a regular participant in the forums.

The Cranky Flier Self-professed airline dork Brett Snyder writes about timely topics in the airline industry. 

Thirty Thousand Feet A large aviation directory run by Max Flight of the Airplane Geeks. If you're looking for something aviation related, you will probably find it here.

View From The Tower For a spotter, most of the stuff posted here is pure eye candy.  Written by an LAX Tower controller, this blog has a lot of shots taken from his awesome vantage point.  It also includes a fair amount of commentary on ATC protocols and procedures.



The Airplane Geeks Podcast Hosted by Max, Rob, and David, this weekly show combines news, a weekly guest, and several recurring segments.  The discussion covers all aspects of aviation.

Airspeed This features-based podcast has some of the best aviation content I've heard in a podcast.  While the episodes arrive infrequently they are always worth the wait. I recommend listening from the beginning.

Airline Pilot Guy Presented by Jeff, a captain for a major US carrier, this show discusses aviation news and answers (a lot of) listener questions from the perspective of an airline captain.