Remembering an #Avgeek

Six months ago today, the aviation world lost one of the great ones, Matt Molnar, the Editor-in-Chief of A quintessential avgeek with a brilliant mind for the web, Matt had grown to be one of the top aviation presences in social media. Though I had never met him in person, I have enjoyed hearing the many stories others have told me over the past several months about Matt and his unique sense of humor.

Personally, I view Matt as an inspiration to me as an aviation enthusiast and blogger. He showed great passion in whatever he did and his enthusiasm easily spread to those he interacted with. His passing taught me to take the risk and jump right in, because you never know when that chance will be gone.

Matt touched the lives of many in different ways. Though his passing touched me, the effect that it had on me pales in comparison to the effect it has had on his family and closest friends. I am sure that Matt would be very proud of the direction that NYCAviation has taken in his absence. Through the hard work of many, the site has continued to thrive and even grow in a quest to keep moving forward.