Celebrating One Year of Planespotting!

One of my first shots at JFK

One year ago today on July 11th, 2012, I made my first trip down to JFK to go planespotting.  What has happened in the year since has defied what even I thought was imaginable.

First time at LaGuardia on a damp morning

First time at LaGuardia on a damp morning

The NYPD departs at LGA Kids Day 2012

Just a little bit of paint for this ex-Saudia freighter.

I arrived home from that first planespotting adventure completely thrilled with what I had just experienced.   A second, unexpected trip to little Stewart International in Newburgh later that month only served to boost my interest.  At the beginning of August, I attended my first airshow at an Air Force base in Massachussets, as well as spending a couple of mornings at LaGuardia.  When I started finding myself wanting to go spotting but not having the time to later in the month, I knew I had found something good. September brought a month of events: the Collings Foundation in Connecticut, Kids Day at LaGuardia, UN Week at JFK, and Airport Day in Newark.  It also brought the realization that my trusty old superzoom needed to be upgraded to a DSLR.  The next few months were fairly quiet for me but by the end of January I had an itch and not even a cloudy day with a high of 28 degrees would stop me from having the chance to try out my new camera. In March I purchased my trusty Canon 100-400L lens after much consideration of the various options and I couldn't be happier with my choice.  It also marked the start of this blog.  From the end of March through the beginning of May I made several spotting trips including my participation in the JFK Runway Run.  June and July have continued to prove eventful with the good weather bringing out a great contingent of spotters time and again.

Nighttime at JFK by Terminal 4

A Dash 8 flies off into the sunset at SWF

On the C-5 flightline at Westover

I never intended to dive into this headlong as I ended up doing.  My lens purchase was a prime example of that, as I had planned to purchase that lens eventually (it was a major deciding factor in my choosing to go Canon), but intended for it to be a few years down the road.  But yet I find myself fully immersed these days and love every minute of it. Of course none of this would have been possible without the help, support and encouragement of many people.  At the top of that list is my wife Lucia who has been constantly supportive of my interests even if she doesn't always understand them.  Also important to me are the countless spotters that I have met over the past year who have shared tips, advice, stories, and friendship.  The community of spotters and enthusiasts that I have met have been one of the greatest groups of people as a whole that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  And last but not least, I must thank you, my readers.  Without you, I wouldn't be bothering to write about my experiences in such detail, and nor would I rush to get photos edited and a post written while it was still relevant.   This year has been filled with amazing experiences, and I can only begin to imagine what the next year will bring.  Though I am already planning for several events in the coming months, I know that there is much more in store that I do not yet know about. I hope that you all continue following along so I can share it all with you!