JFK 5/5/13


I had to be in Midtown early Sunday morning on the 5th and figured that I might as well head out to JFK when I was done there.  The annual 5 Boro Bike tour was scheduled the same day making the drive a bit tricky, but I arrived at The Mounds right around noon to a 22L/13L/13R runway split. this was the first time I had encountered a split runway and it was just as much of a pain as everybody said it was.  There was a pretty good breeze from the East leading to some very wobbly approaches on 22L such as the Air France A380 pictured here.  Highlights of my time at The Mounds also included both a Delta 757 and an Alitalia 777 both in the SkyTeam livery.  With the split, the traffic became very slow at times with up to 20 minute gaps between arrivals at times.

Two Koreans

Two Koreans

Getting a bit bored by the lack of traffic, I decided to head over towards the West of the airport to try to catch some arrivals on 13L. I ended up at the beachfront park that we call HoBe, knowing that it wouldn't be good for the arrivals.  However I wanted to scope it out for a future trip.  While there, I heard the Korean Air Force 1 come on the radio landing 22L, and began really wishing that I hadn't left The Mounds.  I snapped a very hazy shot of a departing Korean Air A380, and just happened to get the Korean Air Force 747 in the same frame.  Leaving HoBe and in need of a bit of a reset, I took the long way around through the Rockaways.  I was amazed both at the level of post-Sandy destruction that was still evident as well as how much reconstruction had already occurred.  Eventually I ended up back at The Mounds where the traffic was just as slow as it had been.

Hearing more and more traffic being vectored to land on runway 13L, I decided to try out a spot that was new to me and headed over to the top level of the Terminal 5 parking garage. From there I could move between shooting 13L arrivals touching down in one corner to 22L arrivals an short final and just after touching down in another, with airborne shots of 13R departures available from both spots.  There was a surprising amount of business jet traffic that came in:

Though a few European arrivals landed on 22L for about the first hour that I was there (Namely British Airways, Open Skies, and Icelandair), eventually all of the arriving traffic was vectored to 13L.  There were quite a few interesting arrivals in the few hours that I was up on the T5 Garage including the Oneworld liveries for British Airways, American Airlines, and Cathay Pacific.   Though I was approached by security a couple times, each time they left and I continued doing my thing and in the end it was a very successful outing.