Welcome to Landing Lights

Welcome, and thanks for visiting! My name is Ben and I am a New York City area based lighting technician (and occasional designer) and an avid airplane geek.  My passion for both theater and aviation are both deeply rooted in my childhood and yet developed in entirely different ways.

I began working in theater, specifically backstage, in high school as a way to spend my time after the fall marching band season completed.  Yes I was a band geek too, and you will see that my geekiness is a recurring theme.  The first show that I ever worked on, I made a promise to myself to try everything.  While I enjoyed the scenery building and painting, I found myself awe-struck by the lighting of that show.  Within a couple of months I was lighting everything that I could and experimented with different techniques.  I did a lot of learning via trial and error in those early years.  I ended up attending college for theater production and after earning my degree I began an apprenticeship with a brand new lighting shop that was started by one of the major scenery builders in the New York area.  One of the things that has drawn me in to lighting are the underlying technologies that are used.  LEDs are fascinating to me, as are things like light pipes and fiber optics.  I am also fascinated by the science behind light, such as color temperature, CRI, and color theory to name a few.

My fascination with airplanes is a much longer story, one that will be told in an upcoming series of posts.  The short version is that I have always had my eyes towards the sky ever since I was a little kid.  However despite many (missed) opportunities, I did not discover the passion that I had for it until I was about 30.  I may never really know why it took me so long for my interest to build, but I do know that it is going to be a fun experience moving forward, and I hope to share it with you as best I can.

I view this blog not as solely an aviation blog or a technical blog but as a combination.  I have always admired a friend's blog for its ability to be focused on 1 area while still having content from a few of the author's other areas of interest, and that is what I intend to do here. I hope you enjoy reading it.