Some Exciting News!

You may have noticed that the last few months have been pretty quiet around here. A major home renovation project, busy fall work schedule, and many hours spent planespotting (aka getting content for this site) have conspired to gime me less time to devote here. However there has been something else going on as well...

I am very excited to announce that I am joining the staff of as a Contributing Editor. Long time readers will know how much of an influence NYCAviation has had on me and I am very proud to be joining their team along with several other great individuals.  I hope to be able to further spread my passion for aviation and planespotting to others through this new position. I have been doing a fair amount of work in the background over there for the last couple of months including publishing a few articles of my own. The most recent of those was released yesterday and it shares an absolutely awesome experience I had back in September.

While I plan to keep plenty of fantastic content coming through this site and blog, some articles which I would have previously posted here will now be published on NYCAviation's website.  I will still publish a lot of my photos as well as most of my technical and  opinion pieces here, however many of the feature-type articles will now be seen over there. I will have plenty of links on this site that will take you to anything that I have written there, and you can always find the latest articles I have written by clicking the link near the top of the sidebar to the right.

In addition to writing, one of my primary duties will be as an editor to help publish the work of others. Ultimately, my goal is for there to be more awesome aviation content for the world and to have it seen by more people. Of course, I will still be posting plenty of awesome aviation photos here, along with many of the opinion, technical, and research-based articles that you have come to know and love. 

So sit back and enjoy the upcoming content on both sites. And as always, thank you for reading.