Greetings from 34,000 Feet!

I'm on my way to LAX this morning for the NYCAviation/PHXSpotters meetup.  It is the culmination of a month of Avgeek awesome that has included a tower cab tour, aircraft not often seen in New York, a few experiences on airport tarmacs, and a chance to go inside a classic terminal from the 1960s at JFK. Right now, I'm onboard a Virgin America flight somewhere over Wisconsin experiencing their wonderful product.  A little later on, I'll be doing some planespotting with about 100 others from around the country before attending a dinner at the famed (and sadly, soon to be closed) Proud Bird Restaurant at LAX. I know the feed has been a bit quiet the last few months as I have been tackling a few other projects. Stay tuned though, there is plenty of awesome aviation content coming soon,